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Refrigerated Air Dryers - RFD

Designed and built tough for Australian Conditions, Ultramax offers the RFD Digital Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Treatment Packages. These treatment packages include a host of innovative design features focused on efficiency, durability and quick maintenance.

Ultramax Refrigerated Air Dryers are suitable for some of the smallest of installation spaces. This is due to having two integrated filters housings built directly into the dryer frame, offering a huge advantage in not only space efficiency but also in terms of service times as well. With filters coming pre-installed upon arrival, both labour and piping costs are
greatly reduced during the installation process. This compact design offers further benefits in terms of placement flexibility onsite and increased economy during transport and shipping.

Key to the design of RFD Series is its use of environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant gas, making it suitable for low and high temperature applications whilst retaining excellent thermodynamic properties. Additionally operating at consistently lower pressures aids in increasing the compressors lifespan and reduces daily wear and tear. Innovative engineering
solutions have also resulted in extra power being added to the heat exchangers, a no loss insulation system and constant dewpoint at all flow ranges. Using the R-134a refrigerants also allows our units to operate within high ambient temperature environments making them ideal for Australia’s demanding conditions.


Advantages and Features:
Ultramax provides a whole range of products for filtration and air purification applications with a cost effective price. Designed for Harsh Australian Conditions.The RFD Dryers easily run with rated flows at 60 C° (maximum inlet temperature) and 50 C° (ambient temperature).

  • Energy saving – true green product
  • 3-in-1 heat exchanger
  • High efficiency compressors
  • Globally marketable refrigerant R-134a
  • Standard electronic timer drains for 10 scfm and above
  • Refrigerant analyzer indicator
  • Fan cycle switch
  • Easy removable side panels and parts
  • Consistent dew point performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Low pressure drop
  • Insulated heat exchanger
  • Evaporator with multi-stage separator stainless steel demister
  • High quality fan motors ¡¡ Oversized condenser
  • Ideal for breathing air applications