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Ultra-Air Flexi Hoses

Ultra-Air stainless steel braided hoses provide a strong, flexible connection that controls vibration and noise, as well as accommodating offsets and pipe motion. The rugged braided stainless steel cover helps prevent kinks that can impede fluid flow. This connector has a rugged EPDM core, reinforced with braided steel, making this hose extremely strong and capable of handling increased temperature and pressure. Brass hose connectors are permanently attached to prevent leaks, and the swivel end simplifies installation, flushing and draining of piping.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal expansion and reduce piping stress due to minor misalignment
  • Provides protection against abrasion tube cutting or bending, no soldering, no extra adapters, fittings or couplings required.
  • End fittings are permanently attached with a superior hydraulic multi-crimp process, these connectors provide reliable protection againstvibration