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UltraAir HDPE Poly Pipe

What Is Poly Pipe?
Poly pipe is a type of polyethylene (PE) pipe that is used to store compressed air. PE pipes are commonly used for plumbing applications such as water supply lines, sewer lines, and storm drains. They are also used for industrial purposes, such as storage tanks, fuel lines, and other piping systems.

What Is UltraAir?
The UltraAir Poly Pipe system is built from PE100 grade plastic, a durable and economical material renowned for its strength and quality. A product of advanced material engineering it is ideally suited for a range of industries and out preforms many traditional systems in a host of capabilities including air pressure, air flow, corrosion resistance and many more. Additionally it has a high degree of compatibility with compressor oils and is easily and quickly installed and maintained on site.

Supporting the UltraAir Poly Pipe system is a range of robust fittings (including Compression, Socket and Fusion Welding options), tools, fittings and fixtures – offering a complete and flexible compressed air solution.

To learn more about the Ultramax Sicoair Piping Systems, see our online brochure.