Pricing & Price Match Guarantee

Ultramax Systems has a Price Match Guarantee that applies to all products available for purchase through our new online store.

All prices displayed on the website are ex GST. No further discounts apply unless by arrangement. 

Ultramax Systems will accept quotes from other Australian registered businesses. The products on the quote must be available and able to be purchased by the general public. The products must be identical in that they are the same make and model, same year of manufacture, same colour and the quote must be for the same quantity you are wishing to purchase. The Ultramax Systems Price Match Guarantee therefore only applies to identical products and takes into consideration the complete cost of the purchase including freight and credit card fees. To apply our Price Match Guarantee, you must present your quote to one of our Customer Service Team prior to purchasing the products. It does not apply to quotes presented after purchase. Quotes (Prices) will not be accepted from non-Australian websites.

If the qualifying criteria is met, Ultramax Systems will match your quote. If you believe that you can meet the qualifying criteria, please contact our Customer Service Team on 08 9458 4477 and they will review your quote and assist you through the purchasing process. The final review and price match decision is entirely at the discretion of Ultramax Systems.


Ultramax Systems reserves the right to change this policy/text at any time without warning.