Important Update: Following a recent fire incident at our Cannington warehouse, we have relocated our warehouse operations to 4/25 Gillam Drive, Kelmscott WA 6111. Rest assured, we are fully operational and working diligently to minimise any shipment delays. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated during this transition. Thank you!


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Dripleg / Zeroloss Drains

Ultramax Zeroloss Drains are electronically controlled level sensing devices designed to ensure the efficient discharge of condensate from Compressed Air Systems. By minimising the loss of compressed air during discharge overall plant efficiency is improved by reducing the cost of compressed air production. The quality of Compressed Air is enhanced by the removal of condensate and the reduction in system pressure fluctuations. Our extensive range of Zero Loss Condensate Drains ensures that Ultramax has a device suitable for all applications. Customised units are available on request.